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Should I change to an Electric toothbrush?

Paper & Pen vs Smart notes books.

Analogue watch vs Digital watch.

Books vs Kindle.

Manual vs Electric Toothbrush.

There has been a flurry of technological revolution in every field we can imagine of. Dental field is no exception and a new innovation appears on a daily basis. Electric tooth brush is one such innovation which seems to picking up pace in patient acceptance. The question to whether make the shift from the traditional brush to the electric ones must have crossed almost everybody’s mind at least once. There have been a lot of questions around this topic, whether to opt for this relatively new modernization or not. Let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of Electric toothbrushes in this short read.


Gentle to the teeth and gums:

In contrast to the general opinion, the electric toothbrushes are gentler if used properly. Since, the toothbrush itself can do the cleaning; it is enough if we give only a mild pressure while brushing.

Maintains the duration:

Most electric toothbrushes have inbuilt timer, which can make sure that we brush for the entire two minutes.

Can reach inaccessible areas of the mouth:

They have the ability to reach the inner surface of the all the teeth, especially the last ones and clean them properly.

For Children and Old people:

Everybody will agree that, it is difficult to make children brush their teeth everyday. When it comes to electric toothbrush, it is easy for the kids to brush properly with minimum effort. The same thing goes to the geriatric population, where there can be medical conditions which may not enable them to do proper brushing. For such people, the electric toothbrush is a gift!


Improper usage can lead to injury to the teeth and gums.

It is bulky compared to regular toothbrushes and difficult to carry.

Needs to be charged on a regular basis.

Maintenance cost is high.


Electric toothbrushes definitely have the edge over manual ones when it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. No matter if you decide to get your hands on an electric toothbrush or not, make sure you follow the basics of maintaining good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day and make sure you brush them for 2 minutes; not less, not more. Also, do not forget to use a dental floss once a day

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