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Special tooth- Special effort- Special Happiness.

Nature has made every single person unique and special. Although everybody’s teeth look same, there are lot of intricate variations. Some variations are so exclusive, that even dentists find it difficult to find them. And, when it comes to performing root canal teeth in such antomically different teeth, it is always a challenge, and We at Dental Ville always look forward and enjoy such challenges.

A 45 year old female patient visited our clinic with severe tooth ache and associated head ache. There was a tooth with a big cavity which was left open for many months. Now the tooth was infected and was giving trouble to the patient. On examination, it was the left lower molar tooth which was giving the pain. The routine X-ray of the tooth showed something extra-ordinary.

Usually there are only 2 roots and 3 root canals for a lower molar tooth, but in her case, there were 3 roots and 4 root canals. The extra root was in a different direction than usual and the technical term for such tooth is Radix Entomolaris.

Patient was informed about the same and ensured that it was no fault of the hers and it was just a natural variation. It was a challenge to find, clean and fill the additional root and the root canal apart from the usual ones.

The root canal treatment was successfully completed and verification 3D scan was done to make sure that all the roots and root canals were filled. Patient was delighted on hearing the successful completion of the treatment and so were we!

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