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June, 10, 2021

I am glad to share my feedback about the experience at Dental Ville. Having associated for few years now , i can , with good certainty can say the following : Dr Ashwin , always begins by spending good amount of time in listening to the patients problems. He always guides you while making treatment related decisions and there has never been a day where a decision is being thrusted. The level of patience ,that he demonstrates , while answering to your treatment questions (however ignorant it is ) is always been amazing. The standard and consistency of treatment is always sustained. During the Covid pandemics, he has been supporting and there is a proper system to go through (thermal check, sanitizer , etc). Dr Ashwin ,thank you very much for all the support till now and for the days to Come. I strongly suggest , people reading this post to explore your Dental treatment at Dental Ville. an authority in your field, and keep your visitors engaged and healthy. Choose a great image or photo to feature in your article or add a video for extra engagement! Keep it interesting and relevant so that your audience reads it through till the very end.
- Badri Narayanan


2, Jan, 2021

One of my front touth got broken and now I fixed a new crown here which is perfectly matching with my existing ones. Really it is fantastic job. Thanks you doctor and entire crew
- Rakesh S


12, Jan, 2021

Went to Dental Villa when too many tooth issues cropped up at same time . Doctor made a detailed plan and treated me accordingly. It was a pleasant experience. Thanks
- Shwetha S


31, Oct, 2020

I had toothache and came for the treatment, Dr. Ashwin was really good, explained everything all about the treatment, went for root canal with more tension and fear, doctor was so kind enough to make me comfortable and done the procedure with very very less pain. Excellent treatment and very good care.Tooth extraction was also done with very less pain. Treatment went on well and very much satisfied, Thank you Doctor for the utmost care.👍👍👍👍
- Delphi S


Oct, 2020

I had gone for root canal treatment under Dr. ASHWIN. The treatment was done in a fantastic way. His team was also good. Dr. Ashwin was very considerate and did not rush at any point of time.
The clinic is also kept very clean.

- Meenakshi Shridhar


Sep 2020

It was a smooth experience right from understanding my concerns, quick check up, explaining (in layman's terms ) the dental problem and the treatment for same along with the cost.
Also he never rushed thru the treatment and took time to make me comfortable during each session. I would definitely recommend Dental Ville for dental cosultation.

Oh I had root canal done along with cap placement and general cleaning

- Nagendra Surya

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