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Your Teeth and smile are some of the most appealing parts of your face. The first thing a person notices in another is their smile which is why it is important to keep those teeth looking healthy. There are some interesting things about the teeth which make them unique structures. Here are a few fascinating facts about the teeth which you may not know.

Facts about Human teeth:

1. The hardest substance found in the human body is your tooth enamel. It is a thin outer covering of the tooth. It is the hardest tissue in the human body and it is even harder than the bone! (However we do not recommend that you use pearly whites to open bottle caps)

2. The teeth enamel is translucent, and you can see light through it!

3. Your tooth does not grow in size after they erupt in mouth.

4. More than One-third of your tooth is underneath your gums.

5. Teeth prints are like finger prints, unique to each person. They appear to be vital pieces of evidence in several investigations.

6. Teeth are preserved in closed cavities of the mouth and generally resistant to threatening environmental conditions making them useful in post-mortem analysis.

7. Bite mark identification is used to connect criminal to victim.

8. Some babies are born with teeth. About one in every 2000 babies are born with teeth. They usually erupt on the bottom gums.

9. There are some people with teeth growing into their nose.

10. Ancient man might have had up to 47 teeth in the mouth.

Some interesting facts of teeth in animals

1. The Blue Whale is the largest mammal on earth; it eats only tiny shrimp because it has no teeth.

2. A Snail’s mouth is no larger than the head of a pin but it has 25000 teeth.

3. Dogs have 42 teeth ,Cats 30 teeth, Pigs have 44 teeth and an Armadillo has 104 teeth

4. Humans have at the most, 32 teeth, but many animals have more than we do, a Horse up to 44, Dolphin up to 250 and a common snail can have thousands.

5. Crocodile can have up to 110 teeth and they are replaced with new teeth every time one falls off throughout their life time.

We hope you enjoyed reading these exciting facts.

At Dental Ville we believe it’s important to not only treat our patients with high quality care but to educate them about their teeth and mouth.

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