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How will you FEEL when you get teeth new teeth?

When Mrs.Sapna lost her front tooth in an accident, she became conscious about her smile. She almost stopped socializing and even ceased to attend weddings. She wore a mask all the time pretending to be cautious about the COVID scenario. But the real reason was to hide her smile from others.

She understood that this cannot go on for long and decided to replace the missing tooth. Once she got her tooth back and when the necessity for hiding behind a mask was not there anymore, she felt LIBERATED.

Every aspect of your face is interlinked. So the loss of a tooth can cause loss of self image and esteem. Replacing the missing teeth helps to keep the confidence in place, ensures that your mouth stays healthy(with good oral care)and your face does not change dramatically.

When you get your new teeth,

1) You will feel Positive about yourself: Research shows that the first thing a stranger looks at when they meet you is your eyes, followed by your teeth and then your hair.

2) You will feel confident about yourself: Even replacing a single missing tooth can give your confidence a major boost .You will no longer be afraid to laugh or smile in public.

3)You will feel at ease: Problems with your teeth do not just affect your smile, missing teeth, crowded teeth, chipped teeth can be uncomfortable and all procedures done can reduce discomfort.

4)You will not have inhibition about your choice of food:

It is hard to enjoy your favorite foods if you have missing teeth .Becomes very hard to chew hard food especially if you don’t have teeth .Getting your teeth fixed can fix these issues so that you can eat your favorite foods.

5)You will feel healthier than before: It goes without saying that you will start chewing better and as a result your overall health will improve. you will feel healthier than ever.

At DENTAL VILLE, you can be assured of not being conscious anymore and we are ready to gift back your personality.

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