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Children’s desire for candies, chocolate and other starchy foods like potato chips is quite inevitable. But ultimately, their teeth become the victim of all these sticky food, if they aren’t thoroughly cleansed properly after every meal. As a parent, it is your responsibility to monitor the junior, practice good oral hygiene. Here are some ways that will help you to monitor and help in the mutual involvement of both parents and kids in maintaining proper oral hygiene.

1. Mama let me choose my tooth brush!!!

Make your child choose his/her tooth brush and start involving them right from buying it. There are many colourful tooth brushes that are aimed at kids, and such tooth brushes are improvised with cartoon stickers and characters and have extra-soft bristles and a smaller head. This will automatically indulge them in maintaining the valuable habit to have.

2. Brush together:

Children usually mimic the habits of their parents. Right from the childhood they subconsciously inherit the habits that they were observing. So, it is quite obvious to maintain the healthy lifestyle and oral habits and transfer it to your kids. Don’t just let your children go to the bathroom to brush their teeth, just make them join you and instruct them on the proper brushing technique. Children usually need supervision up to 8 years of age. This will be setting a good example and will be more likely to make brushing a habit.

3. Sugar-restricted diet:

Sugar has a positive relationship with tooth decay not only in children but also in adults. After consuming sugar-containing foods, it produces acids that attack the tooth surface and causes cavitation. Increased frequency of sugar consumption between meals increases the risk for caries. Risk can be prevented by decreased consumption of sugar containing food between the meals.

4. Dental sealants:

As soon as you find any black spot in your child's tooth, it is better to visit a dentist, and he will address it immediately. And also, the tooth that might be prone for future cavitation can be addressed by applying dental sealants.

5. Schedule a dental visit:

Many dentists like to see children every 6 months in order to build up the child’s comfort and confidence levels and get accustomed to the dentist and the dental office, to monitor the development of teeth in children and to provide the best dental care if any problem is being addressed.

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