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Finding a good dentist may be a Challenge nowadays, especially if you are new to a place or city. Even though asking friends, relatives may be the first choice, searching online is also a viable option these days. Searching online has the massive advantage of exploring things according to your personal needs.

Google and other search engines have been used extensively to search Dental clinics and Dentists online. But, even with google, it becomes difficult sometimes as most of the Dental clinics might appear similar.

Then how to go about it?

If searched with certain criteria in mind, it can be easy to zero down on a Good dentist who can suit your needs.

6 criteria to remember while searching for a Dentist online are

  1. Location and work timings:

  • Is the Dental clinic situated on the main road or inside road?

  • Is the clinic easy to get from home or job?

  • Is there sufficient parking space available?

  • Do they have convenient working timings which will suit me?

2. Dentist Reputation:

  • What are the Educational qualifications of the Dentist?

  • What is the speciality of the Dentist?

  • What is the experience of the Dentist in the specified area?

  • Does the dentist have good reviews among the patients?

  • Does the dentist contribute to the society in any other way?

3. Clinic Reputation:

  • How long has the Dental Clinic been active?

  • Is there an active website?

  • Does the website provide a complete overview of the clinic and services, dentist profile and treatments provided?

  • Whether previous patient reviews or testimonials about the Dental clinic is available?

  • Whether photos of the clinic are available?

  • Whether any photos of successful treatment are available?

  • Whether the Dental clinic has a social media presence where good educational content is posted regularly?

4. Telehealth capabilities:

  • Dentists can diagnose and offer advice to some patients using telecommunication technology using emails, whatsapp and video calls .

  • Though not replacing hands-on in person visits, it can help during emergency times and it can mean fewer visits to the clinic.

5. Dental Record Maintenance:

  • Whether the medical / dental history and the treatments records will be maintained physically or digitally plays a big role in selecting the dentist.

  • If previous records are present, it is easier for you to go directly rather than carrying all records every time.

6. Payment options:

  • What are the payment policies of the clinic?

  • Whether all types of payment options are available?

  • Whether any EMI facility is available?


Technology has made it possible to search and choose the Dental health provider according to your need and convenience. Having certain criteria is always better than doing a random search, which often leads to a random result. Hope this article clears some confusion while you search for a dentist online.

Thank you.

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