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Re-Root canal- A case report

Why the patient came to us?

· Pain in a lower right back tooth which was already root canal treated 3 years back.

· Pain increased while biting objects

· Patient was not comfortable with the cap which was put before.

What was the problem?

· The cap present was higher than the normal height of the tooth.

· X rays showed that the previous root canal had not completely cleaned the tooth. Additional canals were found using the new x rays.

How was the problem treated?

· The old cap was removed

· The previous root canal filling material was removed

· The canals, including the newly found ones were cleaned and re shaped.

· A re-root canal was performed and filled.

· Patient was asked to wait for 15 days to make sure there is no pain or any other symptoms.

· A new cap was placed on the same tooth.

Patient is comfortable and happy in the 6 month review appointment.

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