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Smile Makeover

Do you cover your mouth when you smile because of missing teeth? Are you conscious in social gatherings because your teeth are crooked or discolored? Here’s a guide to help you understand and observe your smile more and what you can do to enhance it.

What is a smile makeover?

Smile makeover is the process of improving or enhancing the appearance of one’s smile through one or more cosmetic dental procedures. They can be customized according to your needs.

What can a smile makeover do?

The following are dental issues that can be corrected with a smile makeover:

Teeth colour:

If the teeth change colour or become stained due to factors such as aging and diets, a smile makeover can transform the person’s overall appearance. Whitening of the teeth is enough in most cases, but in severe teeth discoloration, ceramic crowns/veneers can be used.

A well-shaped smile with light teeth lends a youthful appearance. Tooth colour is a very important factor of your smile. A brighter smile according to your face can lift your mood and your confidence.

Teeth whitening:

It is an effective way of lightening the tooth colour without removing any of the tooth surface. The shade selected by the dentist is carefully evaluated with special consideration of your skin tone, face and hair.


Crooked or misaligned teeth can be straightened and aligned correctly with treatments like Teeth Aligners or braces.

Uneven spacing:

Uneven gaps between the teeth may be corrected with Zirconia crowns or veneers.

Missing teeth:

Missing teeth can affect the appearance of the smile and cause oral health issues. A lost tooth can be replaced with dental implants or bridges.

Chipped or fractured teeth:

The dentist can improve the appearance of chipped or cracked with veneers .

Tooth length:

A short tooth can be reshaped and lengthened with composite bonding or veneers to enhance its appearance. The length of your teeth can affect how our smiles look. Long teeth lend a youthful appearance. For shorter teeth, treatment may include reshaping and lengthening of the crown by composite bonding or dental laminates, also called veneers, which are custom designed to fit the front surfaces of your teeth.

Gummy Smile:

If you have a gummy smile, which means more of your gums are visible when you smile, then it can be contoured with the help of laser dentistry to Improve the overall look of your happy smile.

Unshapely face:

With modern technologies, dentists can improve or rejuvenate an unshapely face to give fuller lips and cheeks to complement the smile.


During your oral health evaluation for veneers or crowns, your dentist may create a wax model mock-up of temporary teeth to accurately communicate the requirements of your procedure to the dental lab technician involved in your treatment plan.

Before and after photos: Before and after photos of patients who have had smile makeovers offer examples of the results you may expect to see.

Temporaries and wax mock-ups:

These offer you a preview of the expected outcome to ensure that you are comfortable with the proposed treatment plan.

Dental imaging software:

Imaging technologies offer a preview of your results. It gives an idea of how you might look when the treatment is complete. With the recent advancement in dentistry they can show you the changes that you can expect to see in your smile after smile makeover even before your treatment starts.

Smile makeover is not done for cosmetic purposes but research has proven it can help in boosting confidence in your personal and professional life. After you have got your dream smile makeover it is very important to know how to maintain it. As it is rightly said, maintenance is the key to success of any treatment. At Dental Ville, We perform all kinds of Smile makeovers and transform lives.

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