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4 easy solutions to get your perfect teeth alignment.

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Malocclusion is a term used to describe crooked teeth or mal-alignment of any sorts to the teeth. The mal-aligned teeth can be crowding, overlapping, spacing , rotated or mal-positioned teeth.

What are the problems?

· This makes it difficult for those who have the condition, to eat or chew efficiently

· Unpleasant smile or facial appearance.

· It can also become difficult to clean their teeth properly as the normal tooth brush fails to clean inaccesible areas.

· Low self esteem and low self-confidence.

· Poor socializing skills.

Why does it happen?

· Genetic or hereditary

· Discrepancy between teeth size and jaw size

· Some childhood habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing and nail biting.

· Prolonged bottle feeding in early childhood

· Retained milk teeth

· Jaw defects

· Cleft lip/palate

· Abnormally shaped teeth/ impacted teeth.

What are the symptoms?

· Alteration in appearance of face and teeth

· Abnormally large or small jaw/jaws

· Improper alignment of teeth

· Inability to keep the teeth clean

· Frequent biting of lips and cheeks

· Breathing through mouth rather than from the nose.

When should I meet my dentist?

Usually mal aligned is pronounced around the age of 10-11 years.

Can adults get treated for the mal-alignement?

There is no particular age limit for the treatment. Treatment is possible at any age, if the gum condition is normal.

What are the types of mal-alignment?

Skeletal abnormalities: where in abnormal growth of the jaws takes place. The upper and lower jaws are not in the correct relation to each other

Dental abnormalities: which includes proclined, crowded or spaced teeth.

A combination of skeletal and dental abnormalities.

Top 4 solutions

Orthodontist is the right person to treat these problems. He /She evaluates the condition and gives the best possible solution customized to that particular patient.

Fixed braces are easy and commonly used treatment modality for these conditions. There are different types of braces available with the Orthodontist.

1. Metal Braces: These are braces are made of metal alloys and specially designed to move the teeth into the desired position. These braces have been used traditionally for many years now.

2. Ceramic Braces: These are tooth colored braces which do the same job as the metal ones and also give a pleasing appearance during the course of the treatment. Having developed recently, it has given a cosmetic solution for socially conscious people like working people and college students.

3. Self-Ligating Braces: A recent technical advancement of self-ligating brackets has made it possible to considerably reduce the treatment time by few months. Also, oral hygiene can be maintained in a better way in this approach. These brackets are also available in metal and ceramic versions.

4. Invisible Aligners: There are specially designed transparent plastic trays to be placed on the teeth to accomplish the teeth movement. They are removable by the patients , yet act the same way as the braces, without affecting the way you smile.

Whichever may be the treatment modality, it is best to do this in early childhood for quicker and better treatment results.

Improves your confidence levels to a great level.

Improves the smile and thereby the self esteem.

Enables you to keep your teeth and gums clean throughout your life.

At Dental Ville, we ensure that you get the possible result because A happy healthy smile goes a long way in achieving your dreams too.

Happy Smiling.

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