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Why do I find 2 rows of teeth in the lower jaw in my 6 year old kid?

This is a very common question parents ask the Dentists. This is a common occurrence known as the “shark teeth”, causing parents a great deal of concern.

At six to seven years of age, the kid starts to get the permanent lower incisor teeth. Usually they start erupting behind the already existing milk teeth. This will in turn seem like there are two rows of teeth in the kid at this stage.

But in most cases the newly erupting permanent lower incisor pushes the milk teeth outside and eventually the milk teeth falls off. This might take anywhere between 6-10 weeks after the permanent lower incisor starts to appear.

But, there are instances, when there is no adequate space in the child’s lower jaw for the permanent incisor to erupt. In those cases the milk teeth in that region may not fall off on its own even beyond the prescribed age. This, in future can cause severe crowding of the lower front teeth making it difficult for the child to clean that area.

When should you approach a Dentist?

· If the second row of teeth (inner) seems to be there for more than 10 weeks.

· If the newly erupting tooth is growing in a bizarre direction.

· If the child is more than 8 years old and there is no sign of an erupting lower permanent front tooth.

· If the child complains of a loose tooth but does not fall off for more than 8-10 weeks.

What can the Dentist do about the situation?

Initially X ray have to be done to ascertain the position of the lower front teeth.

Some cases may require removal of the milk teeth to pave way for the erupting permanent teeth.

Rare cases may need Orthodontic intervention at early stages to prevent severe crowding.


It is important for the parents to keep an eye at their kids when they reach their 6-7 years stage on their status of permanent teeth eruption. At Dental Ville, we aim at doing early intervention by doing a simple tooth removal that can prevent crowding in these children and can enable them to have a good smile.

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